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American Idol Final Two Recap & Finale Prediction

It’s hard to believe that another season of American Idol is almost behind us, and with all the drama surrounding the judges this season, let’s not forget that during tonight’s finale episode, another star will be born

Well, okay, finalists Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are both already stars in their own right, but winning the show would obviously be the icing on the cake.

Check out a recap of their finale performances and our prediction about how tonight’s going to go down!

Although Kree won last week’s coin flip, she graciously let Candice decide the performance order for tonight, so it was Kree who went first and opened the show. As usual, she showed off pretty vocals in her performance of Sara McLachlan’s “Angels,” but the performance was overall a bit underwhelming. She sounded good, but was this a finale-worthy performance? Probably not so much.

Candice came out next to sing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements,” and while she’s definitely showcased more power-house vocals in previous performances, she did sit a step above Kree after this round. Of course, it’s difficult to take on an Adele song, but Candice has already tackled a Mariah Carey tune, so why not, right? The song had a few big, Candice-esque moments, but overall was not one her best performance on the show to date (those are hard to beat…and one’s coming up a bit later)!

Next, Kree gave us a taste of her coronation song “All Cried Out,” and it was probably one of the most memorable performances from the country season since the live rounds began. Talk about peaking at the right time! Kree sounded composed and natural, and the song was well-picked for her. Sure, it’s no “A Moment Like This” (a la Kelly Clarkson), but Kree definitely upped her game for this second performance.

Candice’s coronation song “I am Beautiful” touched on the subject of image, one she has been struggling with all season, as she’s noted she doesn’t necessarily fit the “Hollywood mold.” Kind of cheesy for her to sing this song, but fitting as well, and as usual, she sounded amazing. Kree might have a slight edge on this round, just because her performance was such a standout compared to others she’s done recently, but that doesn’t mean Candice isn’t keeping up with her tradition of solid performances.

To close out the night, each girl had to give a repeat of their favorite performance. Kree chose “Up to the Mountain,” which was a great choice considering the first time she performed it was way back in the Vegas rounds. Kree seemed to shine and standout more during the audition phases of the competition, so it was great to see her bring a little bit of that back into the live rounds. What’s important is that Kree looked comfortable singing this song, not to mention…totally gorgeous.

Game, set, match. Candice absolutely killed the night with her repeat performance of “I (Who Have Nothing).” She even changed it up a bit from the first time she sang it, by doing the beginning a cappella…and flawlessly, at that. The fact that Candice is so effortless, but sounds this good, shows the talent she really has. It’s unreal.

So…who is going to be crowned the winner tonight? The obvious choice, it seems, is Candice, who has had many more memorable performances than Kree and out-performed her in the finale episode last night. Not to say that Kree didn’t have her moments, because she’s obviously amazing, too, but there’s just something about Candice’s voice that is incomparable.

On the other hand, Kree has the country singer thing going for her, which has been popular on these competition shows over the last few years (for instance, American Idol Season 10, when Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were the Top Two). Because Candice is a bit more shy, she may not come off on the audience with the same affect as Kree, who also has her sad past going for her (both of her parents died just a few years apart).

My vote is for Candice to take this one home, but chances are, Kree will still be an up-and-coming country star. Speaking of stars, it’s rumored that third place contestant Angie Miller is getting her own record deal, too! Exciting stuff for the ladies this season!

Who do you want to win tonight?!


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