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Amanda Knox Pals Reveal Explosive New Crime Scene Details

Amanda Knox‘s close friends are revealing new crime scene details from her infamous case in a new series, has learned.

Knox was just a 20-year-old exchange student living in Italy, when she was arrested for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, a fellow exchange student. Her stunning beauty and the bizarre sexual circumstances surrounding her arrest immediately captured the world’s attention, and made her a star.

After her 2007 conviction, she would spend the next nearly four years rotting in an Italian prison, until Italy’s Supreme Court finally exonerated her in 2015.

But if Knox didn’t kill her roommate who did? And will Knox’s adamant deceleration of innocence ever be believed? Those are the questions the latest chapter of the Reelz series Scandal Made Me Famous hopes to answer.

Though she continually swore that she was innocent, investigators and officers seemed to treat her like a killer from the start.

“They did their news conference saying we know what happened and who did it long before the processing of the crime scene had been completed,” said family spokesman David Marriot. “So if you’re investigating the crime scene, and your boss has already come to the conclusion that we know who did it and we know what happened, are you looking for evidence that will take you in another direction?

“Or are you simply looking for evidence that will support that theory?”

Among the disputed claims were allegations that Knox was oblivious to clues that her roommate was brutally murdered, including questions about why she wasn’t suspicious when her front door was open.

“The door had problems latching and locking, so it wasn’t unusual to her to see something, you know, the door ajar, or not quite locked and closed,” said lawyer and friend Anne Bremmer. “Bottom line, she didn’t see anything that concerned her.”

So who DID kill Kercher? And what is life like for Knox after her ordeal? Find out the answers when Scandal Made Me Famous: Amanda Knox airs Saturday, April 22, at 9 ET/PT on Reelz. And watch a sneak peek clip above!

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