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Oh, Baby!

Inside Amal Clooney's Delivery Drama

The twins made their grand entrance in a private luxury suite at Westminster Hospital

From Hollywood to London and beyond, few babies have been as widely — and wildly — anticipated as George and Amal Clooney’s bundles of joy. And on June 6, in a private luxury suite at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the twins made their grand entrance. “This morning Amal and George Clooney welcomed Ella and Alexander Clooney into their lives. Ella, Alexander and Amal are healthy, happy and doing fine. George is sedated and should recover in a few days,” read a statement — brimming with George’s signature wit — released by the couple’s rep.
“It was a beautiful delivery,” said Amal’s mother, Baria Alamuddin, who was present for the birth. “Everything went well.” And George’s dad, Nick Clooney, who met the babies (with his wife, George’s mom, Nina) via Skype just hours after their birth, chimed in: “They are gorgeous! Nina swears they have George’s nose… Not both of them, one of them. The little boy…”
Like any new parents, the Clooneys are a bit dazzled — George, 56, maybe more than Amal, 39. “George, well, his eyes were glazed so I’m not sure that he was sober!” Nick said jokingly of his son.
Meanwhile, the couple have carefully prepared for the ­babies’ arrival and future. “We are really happy and really excited. It’s going to be an adventure,” George said in late February when they went public with the pregnancy. “We’ve sort of embraced it all, with arms wide open.”
So have their closest friends. “George and Amal’s phones are ringing off the hook with A-list well-wishers,” a source tells Star. Matt Damon — who said, “I almost started crying, I was so happy,” when longtime pal George shared that they were expecting — will be among the first to visit, along with George’s other bestie, Brad Pitt. “Brad and Matt are both sure to be named godfathers,” says the source.
Despite the gleam of celebrity Ella and Alexander were born into, their parents intend to raise them away from the limelight, at least initially. Rather than Hollywood, the Clooneys will reside in their $30 million mansion in Sonning, outside London, reports an insider. “The nursery is simply fabulous, equipped with all the bells and whistles the babies could ever need. And George is sure to provide Amal with as many nannies as needed.”
George currently has no film projects lined up, so 
he can be there for every magical moment of these 
precious early days. And human rights attorney Amal had already put her esteemed legal career on hold during the latter stages of pregnancy. “George is insistent that she doesn’t rush back to work,” says the source.
The Clooneys, who wed in September 2014 in a lavish, star-studded celebration in Italy, are “basking in the joy of new parenthood,” the source adds. “Right now their priority is to nurse Amal back to full strength, cherish their family time and keep stress at bay. The babies are all that matter — everything else can wait!”