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So Shady!

Alec Baldwin Receives ‘Seven-Figure Check’ Settlement In Art-Fraud Lawsuit

Mary Boone allegedly mislead him into buying a fake Ross Bleckner $190K painting

Alec Baldwin has come out a winner in his nasty art dealer legal feud – and he can’t stop gloating!

The actor got paid a massive settlement by art dealer Mary Boone, who reportedly misled him into purchasing a Ross Bleckner painting for $190,000.

“Maybe I’ll have Ross paint a picture of the seven-figure check that Mary paid me to settle,” joked Baldwin, 59, in an interview with the New Yorker.

According to Page Six, the settlement includes “several Bleckner paintings, including one commissioned to [Baldwin’s] specifications.”

As the New Yorker reported, Boone was reportedly devastated when Baldwin caught her in her lie, and has now agreed to pay the actor a “seven-figure check” in order to make up for her shady scheme.

In his lawsuit against the art dealer, Baldwin stated that in 2010 he asked Boone to get him Ross Blecker’s 1996 painting “Sea and Mirror.” When she couldn’t get the original from its first buyer. She had the artist reproduce it.

Baldwin realized that the painting he purchased looked different from the famous artwork he so loved. He soon confronted Bleckner, who he said admitted it was a reproduction. “I’m so sorry about all of this. I feel so bad about this,” he wrote the actor in an email.

Boones – who had previously told Baldwin the painting had simply been “cleaned” – broke down when the actor confronted her.

“Mary cried on the phone,” claimed Baldwin. “She said, ‘You caught me. I wanted to make you happy.’”

Alec Baldwin has since commissioned the artist to make him more paintings for his collection.

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