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Aaron Hernandez Showed Red Flags Before 2013 Murder

‘He could not handle this life.’

Before he was charged with the 2013 killing of his friend, Odin Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez was an allegedly depressed and troubled individual with an “unpredictable” personality.

After police found stacks of evidence pointing to the vicious murder — and linking him to two other killings — he was given a life-sentence. He was soon found dead in his prison cell, though pals refuse to believe it was a planned suicide.

Now, REELZ, new docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous: Aaron Hernandez, shines a light on Hernandez’s troubled past, and the red flags that arose years before Lloyd’s tragic homicide.

Hernandez played football for the Gators but scouters observed him ahead of the NFL drafts, noting that his attitude was less than stellar.

“NFL scouts were certainly onto Hernandez’s behavioral issues, and the scouter report said: ‘self-esteem is quite low, not well-adjusted emotionally, not happy, mood’s unpredictable, not stable, doesn’t take much to set him off.’ That’s kind of harrowing to read in hindsight,” says NFL reporter, Ben Volin, in REELZ’ show teaser.

“There were very astute reports done about him that showed that he could not handle this life,” says legal reporter, Maria Cramer, in the clip.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hernandez was given a personality test before the draft, and he scored a ‘1’ for social maturity,” explains Volin.

“So therefore, a lot of teams that would’ve been interested in him, walked away,” adds Cramer.

Murder Made Me Famous: Aaron Hernandez airs Saturday, May 5 at 8:00 ET/ PT on REELZ.

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