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Aaron Hernandez Became Erratic, Showed ‘Enormous Arrogance’ Before Murder Case

Aaron Hernandez seemed to have it all: a booming football career, a beautiful fiancée, fame, money and a loving family. But at his peak, just as he had signed a $40 million contract with the NFL, a member of his inner circle was brutally murdered, and he became a prime suspect.

A shocking investigation soon revealed the troubled athlete’s vicious dark side, demons and secret gay life. What drove the football tight end to commit cold-blooded murder and take his own life? REELZ’s new docuseries exposes the details.

Months before being accused of murder, Hernandez’s behavior became erratic. He installed a security system in his house, he bought more guns and his temper flared.

Aaron Hernandez Became Erratic & Arrogant Before Murder Case

“He felt he was being disrespected all the time. If somebody bumped into him at a bar, he took this as a major sign of disrespect,” recalls forensic psychologist Dr. Louis Schlesinger, in the show. “This goes to some level of enormous arrogance. You expect people to just treat you like a King.” reported Hernandez got caught up in the wrong crowd growing up, one which got him involved in various crimes and which eventually resulted in his imprisonment for his involvement in a murder.

He committed suicide by hanging on April 19, 2017, inside his prison cell. He was 27.

“Aaron is a very intimidating person. He’s huge! He looks intimidating, he behaves in an intimidating way. The combination of history of violence, arrogance, guns and drug abuse ends poorly in almost every case,” adds Schlesinger.

Aaron Hernandez: Notorious, airs Saturday, March 30 at 9 ET / PT on REELZ.

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