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50 Cent: From Forbes Top 5 Millionaire To Broke, Forgotten Star

Inside the explosive Hollywood feud that cost the rapper his fortune.

At 42, 50 Cent is broker than he ever was. After making “Top 5” in Forbes’ richest hip hop artists list, an industry feud ended up having serious financial consequences for the beloved rapper.

In REELZ’s new episode, Broke & Famous: 50 Cent, Celebrity Net Worth’s Brian Warner talks about the insane success the musician reached at such a young age, as reporters expose the Hollywood vendetta that lost him his riches.

“He landed the Forbes’ list of the top hip hop artists of all time, and he was listed at number four,” says Warner in the clip.

In 2015, 50 Cent had a having a net worth of $155 million.

“This is a ton of money. This is an amount of money that artists spend 20-30 years trying to put together and he’s put together in a third of that time. He is a mogul, he is an empire, he is a brand, he is insanely rich,” continues Warner.

So what caused the rapper to go from millionaire to broke former-star?

Broke & Famous: 50 Cent airs Saturday, Jan 6, at 9 ET/PT on REELZ.

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