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Singer Laura Michelle Releases New Music Video 'Novel With No End' In Honor Of Her Late Father

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Los Angeles singer/songwriter Laura Michelle recently returned to her childhood home in Northern California to film a music video for her new single “Novel With No End”.  The emotionally-charged video follows Laura through her empty childhood home as she reflects on the life she shared there with her family.

“Novel With No End” is a song Laura wrote about losing her father when she was just 15.

His life and courage are central themes of Laura’s creative works.  Synchronicities and destiny have now brought Laura to partnering with Donate Life America as the organization’s first National VOICE.

Star:  “Novel With No End” is about your father who you lost at a very young age.  Tell us about your creative writing process with this song and how you felt when you completed it.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to write the song by myself because every time I tried I would just end up erasing everything because it wasn’t “good enough”. I wanted to word everything just right and that perfectionist side of me was definitely coming out. So, I asked Jim McGorman if he would write it with me and he said yes. I thought it would be incredibly hard to write still, but I was wrong. It almost just wrote itself. We were on such a roll that we didn’t want to stop and finished it in one session. However, I think we finished at 1:30 am and we were both emotionally exhausted.

Star:  What was it like to return to your childhood home to film the music video?

I was anxious, but incredibly nervous to go home. I LOVE NorCal and I just feel such peace when I’m there. However, my mom had just gotten back from emptying the house. I knew that would be hard – to see this empty house. It would make it real that she was selling the house.

I am so glad I have this video because I now have footage of the house I will always think of as home.

Star:  Tell us about the inspiration behind the music video.

Usually when I perform the song I don’t even say it is about my dad, but in the video I wanted to stick to what and who I wrote it about. Before my dad passed away I kept begging that we get family photos done since we had never really done that before. FINALLY, my mom scheduled something and we got some amazing family photos taken. I wanted the video to show me walking through the empty house with these amazing photos and memories on the wall. I wanted the video to be a sort of goodbye.

Star:  What’s in your music playlist these days?

Well, it’s always changing. However, I have had Alessia Cara’s album playing for a year now. I can’t get enough. Also, Lukas Graham, Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Machine Gun Kelly, Katy Perry….the list goes on.

Star:  We heard you are writing a new album.  What can you tell us about it?

Yes, I have started writing a new album. So far the songs are sad, but we’ve already started writing some quirky material as well. Lol. It’s going to be a very real and authentic album to what I’ve been through lately just like “Novel With No End” portrays my life experiences at the time I wrote it. Sonically, we have been playing around with things, but I’m feeling really good about what we have done so far.

On a separate note, I am really excited to be working with Donate Life America. My dad had a heart transplant when I was a baby. Because of this amazing gift, I got to actually know my dad. Unfortunately, due to side effects of his heart rejection medicine, he ended up in kidney and liver failure. He was put on the transplant list 10 years later. He waited 4 years, but he didn’t receive the organs and he passed away.

I have seen both sides to organ donation, which not everyone has. 22 people die each day because the organs they need are not donated in time.

I couldn’t be happier to donate 100% of the proceeds of the single “Novel With No End” to Donate Life America.

You can download Novel With No End on iTunes: 

If anyone would like to register they can go to and to learn more about organ, eye, and tissue donation, visit