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Reach Your Body Goals in 2019!

Use these tips to complete your new year's fitness resolution!

Brooke Burke Charvet Continues to Work on her Fittness app

Credit: StarTraks

Resolve to eat healthier and exercise this year? Selena Gomez’ trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, shares her no-fail tips for getting sexy and strong in 2019!


Snack Healthy

The key to snacking, be prepared!

“When you end up in the middle of the afternoon famished, you’re more likely to make a bad choice. Having options at your disposal — like cut-up veggies, nuts or your go-to snack of choice — is really important” for sticking to calorie and nutrition goals.



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Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals that are too big or broad can be overwhelming — and can set you up to fail. “Try conquering three or four small things on your resolution list throughout the week, like squeezing in an extra half hour at the gym. This helps builds a sense of confidence and momentum, ultimately propelling you toward that one larger goal.”

Drink Up!

“Staying hydrated is essential for replenishing  electrolytes and minerals that are lost during a workout. A quick and delicious way of getting vital electrolytes and antioxidants back into your system is with a hydration beverage like Halo Sport.” Bonus? It only has 10 calories and 2g of all-natural sugar!

Brooke Burke Charvet Shooting her App with her Daughter Neriah

Overcome a Plateau

“If you’re doing the same workout routine every single day, your body can plateau. The fix? Switch it up! It can be as simple as swapping in one or two days of toning for your daily cardio.” Rotating your training from week to week keeps muscles active and responsive.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

“When heading into the new year, don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel with your workout. Instead, simply add something new to your regular routine. For example, if you weren’t getting enough cardio, make a resolution to tack on 20 minutes of jogging into what you’re already doing. Even little changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel.”

Brooke Burke Charvet Continues to Work on her Fittness app


Forget the word diet! Shifting your mind-set plays a big role in how successful and disciplined you are at mealtime. “Discovering healthy foods that you enjoy will keep your body satisfied and energized.” When you fill up on nutritious, yummy bites, you’ll be “less likely to binge.”

Think Long-Term Goals

The secret to success when it comes to resolutions? Thinking about them as permanent lifestyle changes. If you can’t get to the gym, “don’t stress. Just try to find time to work some movement into your day — like five minutes of sun salutations in the morning or a power walk around the block at lunch.” Same goes for your eating habits. Making an effort to make smart choices every day will help you get your body in peak condition.