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Jason Kelce talks fame: ‘You can’t be a normal person’

jason kelce taylor

While a guest on the Whiskey Ginger podcast Jason Kelce opened up about fame.

“It’s been crazy,” Jason said of all the attention his family has received over the last several years. But he admits that when you add “Travis and Taylor” to the mix, their relationship “have taken it to another level.”

“That’s a whole other side of it,” Jason continued. “Kylie and I think we have it bad and then we go hang out with one of them for a second. This is a whole other situation here…You can’t be a normal person at that point.”

But while Travis and Taylor’s relationship adds another layer to their fame, the Kelce brothers have hit a level of stardom in their own right. Especially when their award-winning documentary Kelce aired.

“Our family’s out there, people know what our kids look like,” the father of three girls admitted. “We’ve tried to retract from that a little bit,” he explained as people have become more interested in their family. 

However, while it can all be overwhelming, Jason says it’s given him and Kylie, who is arguably more famous at this point, some incredible opportunities. “I think she enjoys that fact that she gets to go and do charitable outings, she gets to give back to the community, she gets to do clinics with little girls with field hockey,” Jason said of Kylie.

“I think more often than not, it’s such an awesome interaction whenever you’re doing that stuff,” Kelce explained, possibly alluding to the not so awesome interaction they ad with a fan several days ago. 

“The vast majority of people are beyond respectful and appreciative. You realize that we’re in a position of great fortune to be where we’re at and it’s all because of these people that are really, really big fans.” 

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, the mayor of Margate City, New Jersey offered an apology to Kylie and Jason Kelce following an interaction they had with a woman that went viral.

Kylie and Jason were out and about in Margate City and were allegedly heckled by a woman wanting a picture. The couple was reportedly walking into Steve & Cookie’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar on May 25 when a woman asked them for a photo. 

According to other witnesses, Jason and Kylie politely declined and attempted to walk away when the woman got angry.

According to a bystander who captured a brief moment of the encounter on video, he said the woman “wouldn’t take no for an answer” and eventually started “screaming at Kylie.”

The video shows Kylie telling the woman that she can smell the alcohol on her breath, telling her that she’s embarrassing herself. The woman retaliates by telling Kylie and Jason that they will no longer be welcomed in their town.

Margate City Mayor Michael Collins then apologized on behalf of the woman.

“On behalf of the City of Margate, I’d like to formally apologize to Jason and Kylie Kelce for the experience they had in Margate City over the holiday weekend,” the Mayor wrote in his statement.

“As a father with young children, I know as well as anyone the importance of a date night with your wife and would like to offer a redo date night with dinner on me,” Collins continued.

Neither Kylie nor Jason have expressly spoken out about the encounter.

This post appeared first in Mamasuncut –, visit the original post here: Jason Kelce talks fame: ‘You can’t be a normal person’

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