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Legendary Rock Star Lenny Kravitz Explains Why His Joy Comes From Being a Father


When it comes to life, rock star Lenny Kravitz says he enjoys the simple things; like spending time with his daughter, existing, and fantasizing about his next great love.

In an interview with InStyle, the now 60-year-old, who was recently celebrated with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said he just “truly loves life.”

“I’m aware that these blessings come from God. I want to make the best of it,” he told InStyle. “I love what I do. I love being creative. I love making music, and so I choose to use it as a vehicle to bring us together.”

And a lot of that unbridled joy comes from his family, namely being a father to actress Zoe Kravitz, who is set to wed actor Channing Tatum in the future.

The proud father opened up about how he feels about walking Zoe down the aisle on her and Tatum’s big day. It’s a thought that leave him feeling happy.

“Just happiness, you know,” Kravitz said simply. “Happiness knowing that she’s confident in her choice and is looking forward to building a life with someone—they’re equally matched and equally yoked. Just happiness.”

As Kravtiz continued, he admits he’s inspired daily by his daughter, saying Zoe “has enhanced my life and opened my life and brought me to places I never thought I would be.

“The thing that I’m most proud about with Zoë is what an outstanding and beautiful individual she is,” the proud father beamed. “I mean, she inspires me. She’s her own person.” 

Kravitz admits that “it can be difficult growing up when you have parents that are known for something… To see her become this creative force, she’s so independent. She’s so talented and free. I couldn’t be more proud of the human being she is.”

As for being in love himself, Kravitz hasn’t been married since his divorce from Zoe’s mom, legendary actress Lisa Bonet. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be married again.

In fact, Kravitz says he “loves love” and “relationships.” He loves “that whole dynamic,” he admits.

But, with that said, love and relationships have “been something that’s been challenging for me. When it comes to, you know, the full commitment, marriage—I haven’t done it since Zoë’s mom. It’s been quite a while, and it’s something I really fantasize about, long for in reality.”

But now that he feels younger than ever, Kravtiz tells InStyle that despite being “good by myself,” he feels “like I’m at a place where I truly believe that I’m ready, and it’s really just about the right person and the right time. Timing is so important—you can meet the right person at the wrong time, you know?” 

“You can meet the wrong person at the right time. You could do all kinds of things, you know? It really takes the two of them, and so, I’m open and patiently waiting. And I know that it’s, I know that it’s coming because I’m in the best place that I’ve ever been in my life—mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

This post appeared first in Mamasuncut –, visit the original post here: Legendary Rock Star Lenny Kravitz Explains Why His Joy Comes From Being a Father

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