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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Grab Life By the Groupon

Tom and Airana

Power couple, television stars, authors and restauranteurs, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix believe in easing up on the caffeine, eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep and keeping their stress load reasonable. Then there’s reality. How do they maintain an active lifestyle? They GRAB LIFE BY THE GROUPON.

Here are some of the ways Tom and Ariana recommend adding some fun into your routine and how you too can enjoy these experiences when you GRAB LIFE BY THE GROUPON.

Horseback Riding

Ariana has logged 44 hours on her newest obsession, horseback riding. “It’s what I do when I need a break, and I’ve been 22 times already.” Groupon offers thousands of “take a break” experiences for the person who loves to combine the love of the outdoors with a great outfit.

Ariana Madix


The secret to staying fit, healthy and energetic? Tom and Ariana spend 17 combined hours of sweating a week. There is no lying down in their house — unless they are doing yoga. For those who take their workouts seriously like Tom and Ariana, Groupon’s impressive portfolio of both streaming and IRL workout experiences provide the inspiration needed to break a sweat anytime you need.

Ariana Madix

Date Night Done Right

Keeping the romance alive shouldn’t be hard. For Tom and Ariana, so far, it’s been 37 perfect date nights and counting, What makes you-and-I time perfect? Well, for Tom and Ariana, finding time with each other often hinges on three must-haves: killer cocktails, delicious food and Groupon. With 100+ Groupon dining experiences in L.A. alone, whipping up a great night out is easy. And easy is sexy.

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

Carve Out Fun Time

Sure, it’s easier said than done when it comes to carving some time out of our busy schedules to have a fun adventure. Tom and Ariana believe in balancing life’s stresses with quick day trips, and they often take advantage of Groupon’s daily adventures to keep the fun and excitement alive. Besides, nothing brings out the kid in you like an impromptu day at the zoo or throwing an axe.

Ariana Madix

Full of Surprises!

Groupon offers 1000+ experiences and last-minute adventures, perfect for keeping that spark alive with your partner, or spending quality time with your bestie.  Who knows, you might even “pull a Tom” and surprise someone special with the greatest ‘gasp-worthy’ birthday gift! Hello, zip-lining, looking at you!

Tom and Ariana

Create your fun today and explore the thousands of experiences that await on