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Khadijah Haqq McCray Shares Her Small Back-To-School Wins


Even the most organized and gifted moms are sometimes subject to back-to-school ruts. With the new school year fast-approaching, we could all use some inspiration. We caught up with Khadijah Haqq McCray (actress, wife, and mom of four children) on her plans for the oncoming fall rush and what she describes as her Back-To-School Wins.

Khadijah’s Go-To Lunch Box Item:

Most school days require a packed lunch (plus snacks). You don’t have to rely on a tricked-out lunch menu to introduce kids to smart habits. Among Khadijah’s go-to’s are turkey pepperoni quesadilla or frozen grapes. As a bonus, she adds a special tasty treat that doubles as immune support: The Vitamin Shoppe® brand Elderberry Gummies with Echinacea & Propolis. A mom fave, these gummies promote immune support, are pectin-based, and have a great kid-approved raspberry flavor. With a healthy lunchbox, everyone wins.

Khadijah McCray

Khadijah’s Secret To Being a Good Mom:

Despite the word ‘Mom’ being said aloud by her kids at least 100 times a day (or at least what feels like it), Khadijah’s secret to being a good mom is listening. “I listen to my children and allow them to have a voice and an opinion.”

Khadijah McCray

Khadijah’s Self Care:

Khadijah eats relatively well, but still needs a boost. Two of The Vitamin Shoppe® brand D3 Gummies each morning help support her immune and bone health and are pectin-based. “This is a simple, no brainer.”

Khadijah McCray

Why Khadijah Loves Being a Mom:

There are 4 reasons why Khadijah loves being a mom — Bobby III, Christian, Celine and Kapri!

Khadijah McCray

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The Vitamin Shoppe® brand Children’s Elderberry Gummies are raspberry flavored and provide immune support. Available at

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The Vitamin Shoppe® brand Elderberry Gummies with echinacea and propolis. Pectin based and a good source for boosting immune support. Available at

Elderberry Gummies

The Vitamin Shoppe® brand D3 Gummies provide immune and bone health with an assorted fruit mix for a tasty dietary supplement. Available at

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