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Feel-Good Summer Vibes Start With fairlife


From festivals and carnivals, days at the splash-pad or time spent playing in the park, we’re all looking forward to enjoying some feel-good vibes this summer. While we’re all craving getting back to those endless summer days and nights, it’s also important to keep ourselves and our families feeling healthy and strong so we can enjoy the best summer has to offer. Which is why we’re turning to those better-for-you products that help bolster our nutrition while giving us those feel-good vibes. Like fairlife.

fairlife portfolio

This Chicago-based dairy company has been striving to make the world a better place by creating great-tasting, nutrition rich products, from its ultra-filtered milks to its light and delicious ice creams. Through the brands unique ultra-filtration process, fairlife is able to create real dairy products with more protein and less sugar than regular dairy products.

Here are some of the great ways kicking off the summer with feel-good vibes starts with fairlife:

Elevating The Dairy Experience

From cereal to smoothies, more than 95% of households use dairy in some part of their daily routine—so why not elevate that experience with a richer, creamier milk? With 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk, it’s no surprise that 22 million households use fairlife products in their diet. Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk is the delicious nutrition you need in your day without any sacrifice to your taste buds.

Oh Those Omega 3s:

We’ve all heard about how incorporating Omega 3s into our daily wellness regimen is a good thing. If taking Omega 3 supplements (or consuming a steady diet of fish) isn’t exactly your thing, then you’ll love the fact that fairlife’s lineup of Ultra-Filtered Milk with DHA is packed with Omega 3s – 100mg per serving! Available in Whole, 2% and tasty Chocolate, this calcium and protein packed lineup of lactose-free milk will be your new favorite way to show off your smarts and unleash the benefits of Omega 3s into your diet wellness regimen. Check out the full lineup on


Healthy Cows are Happy Cows:

Animal health and welfare is a top priority at fairlife, so much so that 100% of their milk supply comes from dairy farms with verified veterinary partners who regularly monitor and oversee the health and happiness of their cows. The result? A rich, creamy, highly nutritious ultra-filtered milk we can all feel good about drinking. Learn more about fairlife’s feel-good mission at



We All Scream for Ice Cream:

Summer’s #1 treat is ice cream. Especially during the hottest summer days where you are looking for anything to help cool you down. Fairlife’s lineup of light ice cream strikes the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. With less sugar, fewer calories and less fat than traditional ice cream, fairlife is the perfect way to beat the heat. Fairlife has an amazing variety of flavors to please everyone in your family, from cookies and cream and butter pecan to cookie dough and double fudge brownie. Each decadent lactose-free flavor delivers high-quality protein, meaning you’ll satisfy your cravings while delivering more nutrition. Talk about a win-win! Check out the full lineup of fairlife ice creams on



No matter what good vibes you’re enjoying this summer,  you are sure to feel good both inside and out when enjoying fairlife. For more information about fairlife and its complete line of products, visit or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.