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Australian Artist Jazzy K Inspires Listeners With New Single 'Trap House'

The Australian artist is making major career moves.

Jazzy star

Credit: Courtesy of Jazzy K

Jazzy K is writing music from the heart! The Australian artist is celebrating the release of her inspiring single “Trap House.”

Written after returning from a trip to Los Angeles, the track is a reminder for listeners to always trust their gut, especially when it comes to major career decisions

“This song came to me at a time when I really needed it most,” the songstress explained in a statement, noting that it was written in 20 minutes after Jazzy reflected on her journey in the music industry.

When it came to the music video, which was directed by Connor O’ Connor, Jazzy decided to bring her song to life by performing in a clear box to portray the feeling of being “trapped in a box.”

“I start confused and lost when there is no one in the room, but the more people who come to see me and are mesmerized by me — like a art piece in a museum — the more my confidence builds,” she shared. “I’m starting to forget I am trapped and start falling in love with the attention.”

During these scenes, Jazzy is surrounded by a large group of bystanders, which she explained represents “people[who] come from all over the world to be in Hollywood.”

Aside from her scenes within the glass box, Jazzy is also shown standing “outside the box” and interacting with others. This, she said, represents the “part of me that is always in my ear reminding me to not give up on myself and to stay true to who I am.”

All in all, the singer and songwriter hopes that listeners will resonate with the lyrics. “I hope that it’ll be the song that makes someone stop and think for a second before signing a contract or saying yes to something that doesn’t feel right,” she shared. “I hope that people just love listening to it!”