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Boot Camp For Damaged Hair: The 1-Minute Wonder


Fried ends, excessive frizz, and a bird’s nest resembled tangle — these are all the tell-tale signs that your hair is in desperate need of a little therapy. Don’t worry, it’s easy to bring your hair back to its shiny, healthy gorgeousness. All from home. No salon-time required.

The Goal is shiny, shiny, shiny hair.

You can tell right away if a conditioner is going to work. That’s why  gets the thumbs up. First off, it has that signature VO5 formula of 5 vitamins and 5 proteins that nourishes hair and gives it that healthy shine and silky softness. Secondly, it helps protect hair from dryness and breakage and is free of all that stuff you don’t want in your hair (like alcohol, petrolatum, silicone, mineral oil). After just one use, hair’s natural shine, strength and silkiness begin to return.


VO5 Hot Oil


 used as a pre-shampoo treatment will help protect hair so that shampoo doesn’t strip away natural oils which can lead to dry, brittle hair.

Ok, I’m ready to shine.  How do I use it?

Pre-Shampoo: Heat unopened tube in a cup of hot water. Before you shampoo, apply to dry hair or slightly damp hair. Massage through hair and leave on for at least 1 minute. Follow with shampoo and conditioner.

Post-Conditioner: Heat unopened tube by placing under hot running shower water. Rinse out conditioner and squeeze out excess water from hair. Apply and massage through hair for at least 1 minute. Rinse and style.

VO5 Hot Oil


One minute, once a week. Wouldn’t it be nice if all therapy was this efficient? VO5 Hot Oil Therapy is available at