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Reliving the Top OMG-Worthy Bridezillas Moments

Loni Love hosts the return of everyone's guilty pleasure.


Meltdowns. Fistfights. Glass-breaking. We’re celebrating the return of pop-culture phenomenon Bridezillas (premiering Thursday, September 24th at 10/9c on WE tv) by taking a look back at some epic moments from Brides-gone-wild past.

Take a trip down memory lane with these unforgettable brides and classic, oh-no-she-didn’t Bridezillas moments.

The Gun-Toting Bride: Natashia


The 11th season of Bridezillas was full of memorable, overly dramatic and bad-ass brides. Natashia, the gun-loving, country bride buys her wedding dress online (sight un-seen), and has an alter-ego named Pound Cake who she proclaims is a stripper from Atlanta under house arrest. This “Killer ‘Zilla” also demands her bridesmaids not get pregnant for her wedding.  We wouldn’t want to get on Natashia’s bad side. Relive some of our favorite Natashia moments here.

The Most Beautiful Bride: Danni


Radio personality Danni, from Season 8, is absolutely ruthless in the pursuit of her dream wedding. However, the stress of planning the perfect day brings out the worst in her as she throws punches at the camera and water bottles at her bridesmaids. See more of the temper tantrum throwing, ‘Most Beautiful Bride’ here.


Country-Chic Bride: Cari


Bridezilla Cari, from Season 5, pulls out all the stops in her quest for an unforgettable “Country Chic” wedding. However, with a venue that has porta-potties for guests and no running water, this wedding was sure to be a mess (no pun intended). Her fiancé goes off turkey hunting the morning of the wedding, and two members of the bridal party drop out hours before the ceremony. To top it all off, when Cari arrives at the venue, it’s raining.

The Most Humiliated Bride: Anita


Season 4 saw an OMG-worthy Bridezillas’ first. Bride-to-be Anita was left at the altar! From her daughter who was against the marriage to a family brawl that led to the threat of a restraining order, it was all too much for her groom-to-be. He fled the scene before walking down the aisle. Watch this Bridezillas classic here and see if this marriage was able to be saved.

All The Drunken Messes

It’s not a wedding without booze. And it’s not a Bridezillas wedding without the bride doing a keg stand? Here’s a fond look back at the best drunken moments of Bridezillas past.


Craving more over-the-top Bridezillas moments? Check out a trailer of the all-new season, premiering Thursday, September 24 at 10/9c only on WE tv.