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Casey Kasem's Widow Claims Scientologists Launched Cash Grab To Steal $80M Fortune

Jean Kasem claims they ‘trapped, chemically restrained’ radio icon in death plot.

Casey kasem death investigation widow claims scientologist cash grab fortune pp star

Casey Kasem’s widow believes members of the church of Scientology acted in an evil plot to kill the late radio icon in order to get their hands on his $80 million fortune, can exclusively report.

In a bombshell interview on investigative journalist Dylan Howard’s podcast, All Rise, Jean Kasem claimed scientologists launched the cash grab – with the assistance of Casey’s three children – to cash in on a $2.1 million-dollar life insurance policy.

“It was pre-planned,” Jean claimed to Howard. “It’s very clear and it’s very convincing that they wanted to seek physical control of Casey, human traffic him and trap him in a hospital, chemically restrain him and kill him.”

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Casey died in June 2014. The longtime “American Top 40” host had a form of dementia and severe bedsores when he died.

Casey’s kids, Kerri, Michael and Julie, and the angry widow are suing each other for wrongful death. Now that Casey’s death investigation was recently reopened, Jean filed a motion to compel the court to question the scientologists involved in the twisted death plot under oath.

Jean alleged to Howard that “immediately” after Casey’s death, members of the church and Casey’s kids began “harassing the funeral home and vital records in order to get a death certificate so they could file for a $2.1 million dollar life insurance policy.”


Jean alleged on All Rise that she has additional “email evidence” and “text messages” to prove the alleged co-conspirators are guilty of the sick plot.

The widow insisted, however, that she’s not accusing the Scientology’s massive organization, of which Tom Cruise is one of its leading members.

“I’m not accusing the church of Scientology of anything,” Jean explained. “I am accusing these members.”

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In 2017, Casey’s children fired back at Jean, calling her countersuit “false.”

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