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‘All Rise’ Podcast

Inside Heather Locklear’s Tragic Downfall: Can She Be Saved?

Heather Locklear has been arrested and hospitalized multiple times this year alone. After her most recent arrest and hospitalization just this past week, All Rise podcast host Dylan Howard spoke with Dr. Ramesh Sawhney of The Society for the Study of Addiction about Heather’s dire situation, and if there’s any hope of recovery for the former Melrose Place actress.

Dr. Sawhney admitted that Heather’s situation is “extremely grave.” “She’s had a number of events where she has had what we call relapse. But largely I think she has not had an effective treatment protocol, and she is at risk for a potentially terrible outcome,” he confessed.

While Dr. Sawhney agreed that Heather’s case is “severe,” he says there is still hope for her if she gets the right help. “She needs to be on a protocol which will actually stop her from actually using the drugs,” he explained.

As to whether a court would be sympathetic towards Heather, who is currently facing several misdemeanors after allegedly attacking a police officer, Dr. Sawhney said Heather’s case could have a favorable outcome if the court is “agreeable to using medically assisted treatment protocols.”

“She is in a very dire position, but there are many people who are out there who can assist. And there is treatment for this underlying condition. It is complicated but she can be treated,” Dr. Sawhney added.

During this week’s All Rise, Dylan also speaks with investigative writer David Gardner about the connections between the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, and even Michael Jackson. To listen to the full All Rise podcast, click here!

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