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Just 90 Pounds: Friends Concerned For Angelina Jolie

‘She refuses to eat,’ a source says.

All eyes were on ­Angelina Jolie as she enjoyed an afternoon with her kids at Disneyland on July 12 — but it wasn’t because of a rare family outing by a reclusive superstar. Though Angelina was wearing baggy pants and a loose top, people were left gasping at her frighteningly thin figure. “Her clothes were falling off her,” says an eyewitness. “Angie’s arms were so thin it seemed like they might snap like twigs, her collarbone and shoulder blades were jutting out, and she was very pale and weak-looking. It was shocking.”
Concern for Angie’s health is nothing new. Last September, before her split from Brad Pitt, she barely tipped the scales at 100 pounds. It didn’t seem possible, but now Angie has spiraled even further to a shocking low. “She’s just 90 pounds and still dropping weight,” a friend says. “Angie has struggled with this for years, and there have been ­whispers that she has battled anorexia. At this stage in her life, it’s scary for her to continue neglecting her body this way.”
diet danger
In the past, Angie, 42, has blamed her weight loss on the stress of juggling kids and a career, “but she’s just making ­excuses,” a source has claimed. “She refuses to eat and is basically starving herself.” An insider adds: “Two or three times a day, her assistants will bring her a bowl of fruit or some nuts and a salad, which are what Angie considers a full meal. But even then she barely has a couple bites. Brad used to nag her nonstop until she gave in, and even then she didn’t eat enough.”
Angie’s skeletal 5-foot-7 frame could be an indication of serious health problems (she recently revealed that last year she suffered from an attack of Bell’s palsy, which weakens or paralyzes facial muscles). “She looks extremely undernourished,” NYC-based fitness expert Edward Jackowski has told Star. “Her muscles have all but disappeared, her arms seem to have atrophied, and her calves are so tiny it looks like they could barely support her walking up a flight of stairs. The bones of her joints are also protruding, which could indicate calcium and vitamin D deficiency, and could lead to osteoporosis.” Even more alarming, calorie deprivation can damage internal organs — and the situation can then quickly devolve into a full-blown health crisis.
Friends say it’s surprising that Angie won’t seek help, especially since she’s made radical health decisions in the past. After learning that she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which sharply increases the risk of cancer, Angie underwent a double mastectomy in 2013 and had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed two years later.
There may, however, be reason for hope. As Star has revealed, Angie has found love again with handsome mystery man — a wealthy, Oxford-educated philanthropist whom she started dating early last year. “He just might be the one to lift her out of this bad place she’s been in for so long,” says the insider. “She’s been ignoring ­advice from friends and family, but now everyone is praying that this relationship will finally spur Angie to get healthy again.”
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