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So Plastic!

Surgery-Obsessed Kylie Jenner Gets Boob Job

‘She’s gone really huge this time,' says a source.

KYLIE Jenner is busting out of her sisters’ shadows — with a little help from a surgeon. The lip kit creator debuted some eye-popping new cleavage on Instagram, which is rumored to be her third breast augmentation in just two years!
“Kylie’s gone really huge this time. Normally she’d try and do it subtly, but she’s become fixated on becoming the most popular member of her family,” tattles a friend. “And the only way Kylie knows how to do that is to constantly change up her look… and her body.”
Kylie has likely undergone fat transfers to bump up her cup size, the same procedure Kim Kardashian employs to boost her bottom. And this certainly isn’t the first cosmetic surgery, or even boob job, for the provocative teen.
“Kylie has copped to lip injections, but she’s had so much more done,” concedes the spy. “She had her nose fixed, Botox, piles of filler in her face, a lift to her upper eyelids and possibly a jaw implant to give her more of a V-shaped chin.”
Now, Kylie’s friends fear she’s hooked on plastic surgery. “Changing her face and body isn’t like switching up her hair with a wig — all of these nips and tucks have long-term effects,” chides the pal. “She’s barely legal and looks like she’s in her 30s. But Kylie’s addicted to the rush of attention she gets on social media. That’s all she cares about.”