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Prince Harry's Shotgun Wedding

Prepare a suit for a little guy

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BAD boy Prince Harry has knocked up American actress Meghan Markle, sources tell Star — and mortified Queen Elizabeth has ordered the red-haired rebel to marry her — pronto!

Now Harry, 32, and Suits sex siren Meghan, 35, are planning their shotgun wedding, palace insiders say. But the rest of the royals — including Harry’s brother William, sister-in-law Kate and father Charles — are against the nuptials!

In fact, Charles ordered his youngest son “to come to his senses and buy off the bimbo,” a palace source reveals. “William and Kate are mortified — and told Harry he ‘should’ve been a whole lot smarter.’ William, Kate, Charles and his wife Camilla all believe Meghan isn’t prepared for the stress of joining the family business.”

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But “ecstatic” Harry is having none of it, an insider tells Star. He’s delighted over his grandmother’s “order” to “make an honest woman of that poor girl,” the palace source says.

“Harry’s been ready to be a dad for several years now — he dotes on William’s kids, George and Charlotte,” the insider says. “He and Meghan are now trying to decide if they should have a quickie wedding — or wait until after the baby is born in late spring! But Her

Majesty does not want the House of Windsor to be so publicly shamed by a royal bastard’s birth. She wants them to tie the knot immediately!”‘That gold-digging tart!’

Now William and Kate are begging Elizabeth to reconsider, but so far she’s standing firm.

However, REAL royal power rests in the hands of Prince Charles, who seized control of the throne in a palace coup last month. Charles, 68, is threatening to cut Harry’s royal purse strings if he “continues with this folly” and “embarrasses the family by marrying a common entertainer,” the insider says.

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Meanwhile, razor-tongued Camilla, 69, has branded Meghan “that gold-digging American TV tart” and insists “she isn’t fit to be part of the family,” says the palace source. “Camilla finds Meghan’s roots absolutely disgraceful — and distasteful.”

But love-struck Harry — who stole Meghan from her live-in lover, Canadian celebrity chef Cory Vitiello, in May — figures he can change his family’s view.

Harry is taking Meghan to meet the clan during the Christmas festivities at the royal estate, Sandringham. The actress, wed to producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013, “has a golden opportunity to prove she’s ‘princess material’ and is committed to spending the rest of her life with Harry and their baby,” the insider adds.

But another member of the royal courts says: “Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to accept her. The royals want to make Meghan feel as uncomfortable as possible, and to prove to Harry this American upstart is NOT qualified or worthy to be his wife — baby or not.”

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