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Stars Talk To Star: What It's REALLY Like To Be "Magic Mike"

What happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas if you and your squad end up at Thunder from Down Under, Sin City’s hit all-male revue—be prepared to go back home in a daze of accents, abs and unspeakable fantasies.




But what is it really like to face hundreds of shrieking women 13 shows a week all while wearing about five square inches of fabric? Star sat down with Aussie hottie Stephen Morris—at 25 the troupe’s youngest performer—to get the scoop on thong malfunctions, dating fans and life as a real-life Magic Mike!


First things first: are you all really Australian or are the accents fake? 

No, we really are all Aussies—well, there’s a few Kiwis from New Zealand, but that counts right? Our founders are Australian and even our choreographers are too!


Thunder isn’t like your typical “strip show” where guys just hustle you for lap dances—you gents really dance! Did you have a dance background? 

No, I’d never danced before, I was really into fitness. But it’s really good they have professional choreographers who teach you how to dance.




Was it hard?



Was it awkward?

[laughs] YES!


What else surprised you about this job? 

Well my mate Beau definitely had a “learning experience” with a thong when he started. I’ll let him tell it…

[Beau:] The first time I put one on, I put it on sideways. It was really embarrassing—I was in front of like 5,000 people. There was a little exposure. They definitely got what they paid for that day! Now I know how to put on a thong though.


Beau C


Very sorry to have missed that. In Magic Mike there’s a lot of competition amongst the guys—how is it for you all?

I’m on the touring team and we’re like a band of brothers. We’re together 24 hours a day. It does feel like I have five brothers now, where before I only had two sisters!


You’ve been around the world—what city has the craziest crowds?

The Hong Kong crowds were insane; they were mesmerized and going nuts. And you can’t get through the crowd in Mexico City—they’re jumping on you, jumping over seats just to get a touch of your leg. When you’re on stage there they’re normal, but when you get down into the crowd, something clicks and they turn into wild animals!


Thunder From Down Under at Snoqualmie Casino on May 21, 2016. (Photo by David Conger /



Have you ever had ladies get a little too grabby?

Yeah but we’re like ninjas, we can see it coming—it’s almost like a sixth sense. You can see this look in their eyes like, “I’m going to grab something I shouldn’t,” and you learn to dodge them.


Would you ever date a fan? Do you ever see a girl in the audience and want to talk to her after?

We definitely get to know some of the fans and if that eventuated then, yeah.


So you’re all…into ladies, then? 

Yes. To clarify, all the boys in the show are straight! And about 90% of us are single.




What can a fan in the audience do to catch your eye during the show?

Stephen: Probably scream the loudest.

Bo: I love it when they dress up. Sashes, crowns, lights—all that get-up from bachelorette parties.


What are some ladies fashion trends you’re not a fan of?

High-waisted shorts. And the septum piercing. Or chocker necklaces—they belong in the bedroom, not the fashion world.




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