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It's Time To Turn Your Workout Plan Up A Notch & Try Nora Tobin's Waist Shrinking Exercise Move!

Nora tobin planks

Credit: Nora Tobin

It’s time to kick your New Year’s resolution up a notch!

Holiday desserts and drinks do not exactly help your swimsuit-friendly diet, but luckily there’s plenty of time to kick your workout up a notch to prep for summer 2016!

From now till the days filled with swimsuits and shorty-shorts, there’s no need to abstain from any kind of treats. A balanced diet with portion control and low calories substitutions, along with a consistent workout plan will seriously help with seeing the results you want.

Don’t waste any time and get a jumpstart on tightening that tummy with this one exercise that engages the entire core to help flatten the stomach and tone the butt! These booty-sculpting moves will be sure to prep you for bikini season, too! To give yourself a challenge, perform it on an unstable surface like a paddleboard, or with your hands positioned on a Bosu ball. The instability will force your muscles to work even harder to achieve balance, helping you burn more calories and tone up that much faster! How awesome does that sound?!

See below for Nora Tobin’s waist trimming move!

Step 1:
Come into a straight-arm plant with wrists under shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Draw belly button up and in, and activate leg muscles.


Step 2:
Lift right leg into hip height, keeping hips level and core engaged.


Step 3: Lower leg and switch sides.

Step 4: Perform 10 reps per side, keeping torso still and steady the entire time.

No Gloomy Winter Skin Here! Here’s How To Get A Healthy Glow

The harsh cold winter months can leave your skin cracked and dry, but the safest way to get your vitamin D fix (your body creates the essential compound, which helps absorb calcium and phosphorus, when exposed to sunlight) and keep your skin luscious during brittle sunny months is to use an ultrahydrating sunscreen — which is still important to wear in the winter! Try one with cocoa butter, which will deeply moisturize and protect against that harsh wind.