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One Editor's Zumba Journey: Out Of Africa...And Into My Skinny Jeans!

They say that the best things in life sometimes happen by accident. Well, do they say that, actually? It sounds more like something you hear from a woman who got knocked up by her on-off boyfriend. But for me, at least, I’ve certainly found the not-so-old adage to be true.

In case you missed my first and second installment, this is my diary of slimming down for my November 14 wedding using Zumba, the only exercise that I can not only stand, but actually (dare I say) enjoy. Since I embarked on this journey 2 months ago, I’ve dropped 8 pounds and am now fitting into jeans that I couldn’t ever even get past my thighs. VICTORY! Look, I have arms!


But, as the big day approaches on Nov 14, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. Fitness magazines tell you to switch up your workouts, but I’m the type of girl who eats the exact same thing three weeks in row or plays the same Justin Bieber song on a loop for 12 straight hours. I’m a creature of habit and I liked Zumba—that was that!

So imagine my surprise when I turn up for “Zumba” only to discover that I’d inadvertently signed up for Afro-Fusion Burn, which, to put it mildly, is a lot tougher than regular Zumba.


A class based “music and dance from the African continent and the Caribbean,” I learned within the first 10 minutes that I should definitely not move to the African continent or the Caribbean. Why? Because I cannot move like their people move.

With deep squats, bobbing heads, huge arm windmill circles—all at the same time!—and I was jello by song three.

And yet after, as I drug myself home, I realized that I felt quite differently than after my usual Zumba. I was more worn out and unfamiliar muscles were already starting to feel sore.

I’d never really believed in the whole “muscle confusion” theory—that you have to switch up your workouts to keep your body on its toes—but I’m now a believer.

By adding in this new workout once a week, I feel like I’ve reignited my calorie burn and am pushing past the plateau. I want to lose another three pounds before the big day and I think Afro-Fusion Burn can help get me there!

Want to shed for the wed along with me (engagement ring not required)? Find a Zumba classes near you at Z Club NY!