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Nips, Tucks & Their Dream Home! 'Botched' Doc Terry Dubrow Dishes New Secrets


Credit: Getty Images

Botched Doc Terry Dubrow and his wife, Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather, sat down with Star to dish about nips, tucks and their new dream home.

Dr. Dubrow, what can we expect on the upcoming season of Botched?

TD: This season, we had about 10,000 applicants, and we’re seeing a lot of bad boob jobs. The problem is, legally, any doctor can do plastic surgery. A rheumatologist can take a weekend course in plastic surgery and do breast augmentation. One guy had his nose done by a dentist!

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing with this new season?

TD: We need to know when we’re being too brave. We’ve been able to fix things to this point successfully, but the surgeries we’re seeing have been worse than ever. We have to know when we’re going too far and could actually make matters worse. But sometimes, the patient has no other choice and you just have to take the risk for them. We have a couple stories that went bad before it got good.

What else can you reveal about the new season of Botched?

HD: I’m hosting a new show for E! called Botched; Post Op, which will start on October 13 after the second episode of Season 3. It’s an after show and gives an inside look at what really happens.

TD: Heather is the ultimate insider to Botched because she’s known Paul for 16 years and she’s known me for 19 years. She also knows a ton about medicine so she’s the perfect host for the show.

HD: I’m grateful for my husband. I know he works hard and I give him the support and the acknowledgment and the love that he needs. We’re so excited about Post Op, it’s like all of our skillsets put together in one show.

Heather, tell us about your new skincare line – is it going to put you out of business, Dr. Dubrow?

TD: Ha! Hopefully not – we’ve got four kids to feed and a new house!

HD: Consult Beaute is all about nonsurgical solutions to antiaging. As you get older, you need volume in your face, and these creams will give it to you without needles. There’s eye cream with hexapeptides that give you a Botox effect, and we have our Beauty Shake that’s drinkable collagen and a meal replacement.

Do you have any bargain beauty buys to share?

HD: Wet n Wild lip liner 666. I wear it everyday with Chanel gloss over it. Any color gloss works because it’s a universally good color for everyone.

Speaking of your new megamansion, what’s your favorite feature?

HD: You know the meme you see on Instagram of the doorbell that says “Press for Champagne”? I made that real and put it in my closet. It’s an actual bell that will ring for champs, and it’s going to be fabulous.

TD: I’ve always wanted a house that has very big rooms. Our ceilings are 14 feet high. This house is my dream come true, not Heather’s, it’s mine.

Tune in to Botched, Tuesday at 9PM on E!


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