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Make A Splash! Swim Your Way Lean

Nora tobin nutrition performance specialist fitness

Nora Tobin is a nutrition and performance-enhancement specialist, health and fitness consultant for Four Seasons and Belmond hotels, contributing editor to Shape and a Wilhelmina model.


Swimming is a great choice when it comes to your workout! It has incredible physical and mental benefits. This type of training is an efficient way to burn significant calories, speed up weight loss and tone up fast. The amount of effort being exerted by the entire body will raise your metabolism and help you shed some unwanted pounds. Check out Nora’s pool workout routine and how you can swim your way to being lean too!

The Workout

Step 1: Start by warming up using any stroke for five minutes. This should be done at a slow to moderate pace, just to ease your body into the workout.

Step 2: After five minutes, increase speed to 80 percent of your max effort. Perform any stroke at this pace for the next five minutes. Do not worry about distance.

Step 3: After five minutes, grab a kickboard. Perform five minutes of kicking at a fast pace. Keep your gaze straight ahead and your core engaged the entire time.


Step 4: For the final five minutes, move onto your back, holding the kickboard overhead. Stretch through your arms and kick as hard as possible. Keep hips up and core engaged the entire time. Finish the workout with a five-minute cool-down, performing the stroke of your choice.


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The svelte mom of two credits her bikini body to changing up her workout, from cardio to Pilates to swimming with her girls.

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Check out Nora’s workout videos, nutrition programs and health tips at Nora’s website and on Instagram.

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