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She's Taken! Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Heart—And Everything Else—Belongs To Tyga In Raunchy Photo For Her Man

Kylie Jenner leaves studio in Van Nuys!

Credit: Splash News

Reaching legal status when she turned 18 this past July was a huge moment for Kylie Jenner—one that broke down any remaining barriers hindering her from continuing to be the free and sexual being she’s constantly presenting to the world. And now, Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter has gone full-on and flat-out with her innuendos and public displays of affection.

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Even before the August release of Tyga’s video for “Stimulated”, in which he engages in a heap of sultry PDA with the teenage fashionista, it was obvious that the 25-year-old “Pleazer” rapper had staked his claim long ago. And in the latest issue of Galore magazine, the pouty-lipped princess appears to be confirming their intimate relationship in yet another telling way, as she poses provocatively, flaunting major cleavage in beyond sexy outfits by Balmain, Moschino, and Michael Costello.

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In one particular shot—the glammed up snapchat queen holds a stuffed tiger directly in front of her lady parts, while teasing the camera with a playfully seductive look in her eye, leading the viewer to deduce that her private parts belong to a tiger…or a Tyga.


Terry Richardson/Galore


Terry Richardson/Galore

The photo shoot for the racy spread was shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson, who interestingly enough, has been known to make more than a few sexual advances and “explicit requests” of young models that he’s photographed. Being as well developed as the newly blonde bombshell is, hopefully she brought her “Rack City” rapper along to protect her rack.

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But the piece isn’t merely a collection of steamy pics—Kylie also dishes about her future endeavors, discussing her soon to be launched website, her big sister Kim Kardashian being her business role model, and the fact that for her, “age is just a number.”


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