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Monica The Medium' Premiere Recap: Monica Ten-Kate Gets Stood Up On Blind Date Because She Talks To Spirits

Monica the medium recap

Credit: ABC

Although Monica Ten-Kate’s gift of being a medium helps people heal and find closure after the death of their loved ones, her non-existent love life is a downside to being a medium!

On the series premiere of Monica The Medium, Monica has trouble finding a college boy to date because of her rare gift of being able to speak with dead people.

“It’s really hard trying to find a guy while you’re a medium and you’re a college student,” she explained. “It’s next to impossible actually.”

During a barbecue with friends, Monica hoped to fit in with her classmates by playing flip cup.

“I spend most of my time with dead people, and dead people don’t play flip cup,” Monica said.

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After a round of the game, Monica couldn’t act like every other 21-year-old student for long, as a spirit came to her during the party! Monica then pulled aside a partygoer named Corey and explained that his late father has been trying to connect with her.

“Something happened in the water where your dad is struggling,” she recalled. “He makes me feel pain all up in my shoulders, my neck and my back. Does that make sense to you?”

When he said that his father broke his neck after being hit by a wave in the ocean, Monica responded, “’My son did everything he could to try to save me.’ He shows me you paddling, trying to get out to your dad. I see you getting him, I see you giving him CPR.”

Monica added, “You need to stop thinking, ‘I could’ve done more, I could’ve saved my dad.’ He wants you to understand you did everything and more to keep him here.”

After the party, her friends commented on how Corey seemed interested in Monica.

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“If I dated someone like Corey, every time I would be around him I would be like, ‘Oh your dad…” she said.

In an effort to be more open when it comes to dating, she agreed to go on a blind date set up by her friend Krista. As her friends helped her shop for an outfit for the big day, Monica found herself giving readings to store cashiers and customers!

When it was finally time for Monica’s blind date, she drove to the spot they planned to meet. Unfortunately for Monica, she was stood up.

“He just called me and he’s not coming Monica,” Krista told her over the phone. “He found out that you’re a medium and backed out of the date. I am so sorry.”

Monica responded, “This is why I didn’t want to do this. This is why I don’t put myself out there to guys. I thought he would get to know me first before he started judging me.”

Luckily for Monica, she has a great support system, as Krista brought her mini golfing to cheer her up.

Her gift doesn’t only affect her love life, as she has trouble finding a job on next week’s episode. After accepting a position at a boutique, Monica can’t help but give readings to customers!

But will her gift get her fired? Watch Monica the Medium Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

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