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Mariah Carey's Sister Says She's Being Held Against Her Will At A Psychiatric Hospital

Mariah carey sister in trouble

Mariah Carey cozies up with her billionaire beau, while her disturbed older sister is allegedly cooped up in a New York psychiatric ward. The former prostitute-turned-heroin addict, Alison Carey, spoke to RadarOnline to tell her story.

What began with a mysterious attack in her home that results in a head injury, turned into a three-month (and counting) stay at a facility where Alison claims she is being held against her will.

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The mother of four woke up after the attack with a busted mouth and a wound in the back of her head, and claimed an unknown man stole from her. “I don’t remember getting in a car with this person, and I don’t remember going to my house. But I remember being at my house and he was taking my jewelry,” Alison explained to RadarOnline.

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After this incident, Alison was placed in a psychiatric ward in Long Island, and her famous sister has shown no sign of lending a helping hand. “I need a lawyer to get me out of this hospital because there is no reason to keep me in here for three months,” Alison pleaded.

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And the story only gets worse. After refusing to take a sedative, Alison claims the staff members injured her rib cage as they attempted to restrain her. “They beat the living sh*t out of me that night,” said the outraged 54-year old.

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Amid her sister’s struggles, Mariah has been spotted on a European getaway with billionaire boyfriend James Pecker. In a final attempt to reach her little sis, Alison’s last words to Radar were a cry for help: “Please tell Mariah to get me out of here! She must know what’s happened to me! I want out!”

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