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Horrific Footage: Paris Hilton Terrified For Her Life in Fake Plane Crash Scare

Paris hilton seen in milan for the fashion week

Credit: Splash

Talk about going way too far for a laugh!

Paris Hilton plans to sue the Punk’d-like prank show, Ramez In Control, for staging a gag designed to make the hotel heiress believe the small plane she was on had lost control and was about to crash. Ramez Galal, Egyptian actor and orchestrator of the hoax, arranged to have the “Stars Are Blind” singer do a tour of Dubai in a mini jet, following an appearance at the opening of the city’s newest hotel.

After a short time in the air, the pilot took the plane into a steep nose dive as the passengers wailed and panicked all around Paris, and she began to cry hysterically, screaming “What’s happening? What the f**k is happening?!” over and over. At one point the socialite bent over like she was trying to get into the crash position, while Ramez sat next to her, comforting her and pretending to fear for his life as well.

Watch the footage right here on Star.

During the aircraft’s terrifying plummet, a ‘passenger’ opened up the side door of the jet and tossed a man out, as Hilton watched in horror. Ramez tried to convince her that she’d also need to jump, as she cried out “No, no – I don’t want to jump!, clearly beside herself with terror. The notorious middle eastern prankster is famous for going way too far in putting celebrities in mortally dangerous situations.

According to reports, Paris has already consulted with her lawyers to ascertain who was responsible, and they’ve informed her that she has a very strong case for emotional distress. The popular lady DJ was not in on the gag, and does not think anyone in her entourage assisted in planning it, although from the looks of the video, most of the people on the plane were in on it, being as Paris appeared to be the only one that was intensely freaked out and frantic beyond belief.

Once the aircraft landed safely after the fake scare, the joker came clean to the confused Heiress, and gushed that he and his crew love her. Still visibly shaken, and too pissed to be truly relieved, she yelled “I’m going to kill you! That’s been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane!”