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Katharine McPhee Is A Demanding Diva: "She's Awfully Bratty For A Girl Whose Big Achievement Is Losing 'American Idol'"

Katharine mcphee


Katharine McPhee has the voice of an angel…and the attitude of a toddler.

Sources tell Star that the singer/actress is becoming better known for her diva demands than her talent. “Before a recent performance, she insisted on limos and first-class flights, then changed her plans three times,” an insider reveals.

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“It was a nightmare for organizers.” And don’t expect the 31-year-old to be gracious once the music starts. “At one show, she complained to the crowd about how hard her travels had been and how they should be grateful she even came at all!” adds the source.

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“She’s awfully bratty for a girl whose biggest achievement is losing American Idol. Her voice is the only nice thing about her.” Yeesh!