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Kristen Cavallari's Diet Secret: Grass?

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If your winter was filled with more carbs than cardio, take heart. There’s still time to get healthy before hitting the beach and Kristen Cavallari has your answer: grass.

What, you don’t regularly graze around fields, mooing and munching? Well maybe you should. The Hills hottie keeps herself lean and mean by being “obsessive” about what she puts in her body and tries to keep ultra organic.

One of her cornerstone snacks? Something called Amazing Grass (available at GNC and Whole Foods) which is a plant-based supplement that you mix into water, milk or a smoothie. Raw, gluten-free and vegan, the greenish-brown powder is full of 25 billion probiotics, 14 grams of protein and fresh blue-green algae. And it’s just $2.99, 110 calories and one Weight Watchers point per packet!

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K.Cav says she starts off each day with either an Amazing Grass bar or drink, and and even stuffs a few powder packets in her bag when traveling. Clearly, the stuff must do a body good; Kristen famously shed 20 pounds just two months after having her second son, and is still looking happy and healthy now with her third pregnancy.


But what good is an effective product if it’s too gnarly to gag down? Star took one for the team and gave this stuff a try. A few observations:

  • The chocolate flavor taste like bitter dark chocolate. Not the sugar-filled Hershey’s kind, either. The 98% cacao stuff you see at Whole Foods but don’t buy because it’s not enough of a “treat.” It’s not bad (it doesn’t taste like vegetables at all) but it’s not Slim Fast sweet.
  • While it’s a bit gritty, it mixes in pretty easily. No creepy clumping!
  • Water is an acceptable mixer, but it would go from tolerable to tasty if blended with almond milk, a banana, and a dash of peanut butter powder!
  • It really does nix hunger…kind of. Before our intrepid tester slugged down the shake, she was downright hangry. But just 10 minutes after she polished it off, she was upgraded to merely hungry and prolonged her lunch break for an extra hour. So this may not work as a full on meal replacement, but could be useful when those 4pm  sugar cravings hit.

The verdict: a great in-a-pinch meal replacement to keep at your desk, or a relatively painless way to eat your greens if you’re not exactly sprung on Brussels sprouts.

Will you be trying Kristen’s beach body secret weapon? Or do you prefer to eat what you want and sweat it out in the gym?

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