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'Shahs of Sunset' Mike Shouhed Gushes On Love And Friendships

Mike shouhed

Credit: Getty

When Shahs of Sunset, the reality TV show about wealthy Iranians living in Los Angeles began its fourth season this year, tensions between cast members Mike Shouhed and Golnesa “G.G.” Gharachedaghi reached an all time high especially after Golnesa accused Mike of trying to hook up with her during a cast trip to Turkey. A steamy romp wouldn’t sound so scandalous, but at the time Mike was happily ensconced to his then girlfriend Jessica Parido. Star sat down with Mike to chat about being a newlywed and the tattered relationship with his longtime friends.

Congratulations on your recent marriage.

Thanks! Being married is awesome. I love Jessica dearly and she’s the perfect woman!
So does that mean we can expect babies in the near future?
We’re definitely planning on having babies soon. I’ve thought about this day and I’m looking forward to being a dad.

How have you and Jessica weathered the Turkey trip allegations?

It’s hard especially with social media posts and you know, we’re only human. This summer we endured going through this accusations and now we’re reliving it as the rest of the world is watching the show. People are cruel and it’s hurting us. These outside noises and sources are saying horrible things about us and it’s hard but we have a very strong unity at home. We love each other and try to brush it off as much as we can.

On a recent episode the sit down with your friends and Jessica didn’t go well. Honestly, she’s said some horrible things about them. Is she at all responsible for the current state of your friendships?

I take 80% of the blame on Jessica’s reactions on the show because I vented to her and let her know how I felt. My friends didn’t protect me or give me insight on how to protect myself in this situation. She’s hearing me vent and she, being a strong and nurturing woman, wants to protect me so she’s bottled up all of this anger and resentment towards them and when she sees them she’s angry. It appears she’s being super aggressive but she’s being a protective partner.
Do you think you can reconcile with your friends especially Golnesa?
Golnesa is like my sister and I’m hopeful we can recover but she needs to stop with the sh*t talking she’s been doing. There’s years of friendship and history, laughter and crying, losses and all of these things we call life have occurred. We have memories and for us to not come back to being friends eventually means that nothing that has happened prior to this incident meant anything to any of us. With real friendship, there are real life occurrences and drama and we should all come together as one again. We’ve been through our fair share of things and we always seem to come back together. I hope we can learn and move forward from it.

Tune in to Season 4 of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset on Mondays at 9PM EST.