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Episode Recap: Kardashians Knew Bruce's SECRET Since Childhood: What Gave It Away!

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In an emotional and uncharacteristically somber episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday night, the show took a teary turn when Bruce Jenner sat down for discussions with various combinations of his Kardashian children, to explore his impending transition to a female, in Part I “About Bruce.”

Building on last month’s interview with Diane Sawyer, the 65-year-old Olympian went into further detail about how he “knew something wasn’t right” since he was about 7 or 8 years old. “It scared me to death” he said, of that time during his early years, when he would steal his mom’s and sister’s clothing and dress up in secret, confused about why he felt such a strong desire to do it. As he grew older, he used sports and the Olympic games as a distraction from who he really was, figuring that if he partook in manly things, he’d live up to the image that everyone saw, and perhaps even fool himself along the way.

During his opening conversation with Khloe Kardashian, she was initially supportive and playful, gifting him with several pairs of women’s shoes, including the same white stilettos she’s wearing during the visit. She joked they’d end up in the ‘who wore it best’ section of a magazine.

Later, Kendall Jenner joined them on the couch, and they dug a bit further into what his intentions truly are. When he revealed that he is planning on “not being Bruce” anymore by spring time, things went downhill from there, leaving Khloe angry and feeling betrayed that he intends to take himself away from his children so soon. Although she insists she completely supports him and his decision, she wished they had more time with Bruce.

Kendall recalls being little and not knowing what was going on when she would find makeup in Bruce’s drawers. Thinking he may be having an affair, she kept the ‘secret’, not wanting to break up the family. The supermodel admitted to spying on him coming down the stairs in drag in the middle of the night once, and keeping mum about that as well.

Kim Kardashian talks about her first time discovering Bruce in the garage, all dressed up like a woman, how she ran crying to Kourtney Kardashian‘s house to tell her, and that they both kept that secret for 12 years, all the while having no real clue as to what it actually meant.

Khloe revealed that years ago, she found out the family patriarch would quietly dress as a woman and walk the lobbies of hotels after appearances and speaking engagements, and how terrified she was that someone would recognize him.

Next in the hot seat was Kris Jenner, who went into the early days of their courtship and union, admitting it was “love at first sight,” divulging that they had “so much in common” that it was “kind of a match made in heaven.” Although he did reveal to her back then that he had certain “tendencies,” she never dreamed he would eventually transition into a woman. Bruce later clarified to all of the Kardashian girls that he is still very much heterosexual, and totally attracted to women, despite the fact that he now wants to be one. Momager extraordinaire insisted that no matter what, she still loves and supports her ex-husband, and he agreed that is definitely the case, saying the love and acceptance he’s gotten from Kris has been “absolutely overwhelming”.

Bruce later showed Kim his shiny pink pedicure, assuring her that he did it himself and has been doing it for some time. He even revealed that when he lived with Kris, he always wore socks to cover up his painted toenails.

During a final sit down with the Kardashian family, the topic of Bruce’s surgery came up, which so far has included a nose job and upper lip lift, with additional tweaks like jawline and forehead ridge shavings, already scheduled.

Bruce shared that, although raising his beautiful, intelligent and successful children has been his greatest accomplishment, following his heart and soul in this way could possibly be his “greatest calling in life.”

Next week on KUWTK is Part II “About Bruce” – a continuing portrait of the Kardashian family’s feelings and dealings with regard to his transition.