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'Teen Mom' Tyler Baltierra Uses Instagram Filter On Baby--Here Comes The Comments!

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First comes a selfie, then comes a filter, then…comes the comments.

Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom is getting some backlash for posting a selfie of his daughter and him on Instagram and allegedly using a filter on her.

The caption on the Instagram read: “My Tootie Fruitee, Tooter Fruiter, Tootsie Pop Tootie Cutie! I obviously have way too many nicknames for her lol but I just adore this little angel. That face melts my heart every day & I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be her dad. I look weird, but hey she looks adorable! #DaddyPride #MyTootie #DaddysPrettyGirl”

Not even an hour after posting the photo, he posted again to answer angry fan comments about using the filter.

The caption on the second photo: “Wow! For all of you people who, for some reason, can’t understand why someone would edit a picture on ‘Instagram’ here is an untouched, not edited picture lol some of you people seriously have no life haha! literally lol at how petty some of you ppl are #HopeYourHappy #ActuallyIDont #ItsInstagramPeople”

The Teen Mom couple welcomed Novalee Reign on New Year’s Day this year, and they’ve been nothing less than obsessed with their bundle of joy. In fact, they even got tattoos together in February for their newborn.

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Now that’s some love!