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Bruce Jenner: "I Still Like Women!"

Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Credit: Picture by: Clint Brewer / Splash News

He’s undergoing the biggest transformation of his life, but once Bruce Jenner undergoes gender reassignment, there is one thing that may not change: his sexual preference for women! “Right now, Bruce is still attracted to women and plans to be a lesbian once he completes his transition,” explains and insider. “He’s not sure if the hormone treatments will change how he feels about men, but right now he says that he still likes women and can’t imagine himself being attracted to men.”

The insider adds that Bruce has known for decades that he wanted to become a woman, but those feelings have never hampered his attraction for the opposite sex — and that’s not unusual. As Polly Kahl, a licensed counselor who specializes in transgender patients tells Star, sexual orientation and gender identity are separate issues. “If Bruce remains attracted to women after gender reassignment, she may consider herself gay and continue to date women,” Kahl explains.

Kahl says intense hormonal therapy could bring on an attraction to men, but the insider doesn’t see that happening with Bruce. “He always loved the ladies,” the source says. “He longs to be feminine and pretty — and also to feel the touch of another woman.”

Indeed, Bruce has already undergone various procedures — including a laryngeal shave to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple — when he began dating Ronda Kamihira last fall. And according to the insider ,they’re still going strong. “He has very deep feelings for Ronda. They’re not super serious right now, but no one would be surprised if the relationship continued to progress.” And even if it doesn’t, “Bruce wants to settle down with a woman,” the insider adds. “Whoever she is, she will be the first to love Bruce for who he really is. She’ll be his one true love.”

For more on this story, including how Bruce is helping his loved ones cope with the change, pick up the latest issue of Star, on newsstands now!


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