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Justin Bieber Mistreats & Abandons Pets!?

Justin Bieber Pets

From his frequently wronged ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to the Beverly Hills neighbors now celebrating his departure, Justin Bieber has made many people suffer with his bad behavior. But at least all of them were able to speak up for themselves! That’s not so for the singer’s most innocent victims: his pets.

In the past year alone, the pop star has apparently mistreated and abandoned several helpless animals — including a monkey he reportedly bought illegally from poachers and a puppy that was tossed out the window by his equally heartless dad. “Justin can barely take care of himself, let alone another living creature,” an insider says. “He has never had any real responsibility since he got famous. And so he just sees pets as accessories. They’re disposable objects to him.”

Workers at Germany’s Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen were horrified by the condition of Mally — the tiny capuchin monkey made famous by Justin’s Twitter feed, only to be abandoned in the midst of the singer’s European tour after Justin failed to produce proper paperwork for him. “Mally was frightened,” says staff member Jenny Niewoehner, who has been looking after the little monkey since March. “He was disoriented, and we did not know how things would work out for him. He needed to be cared for constantly.”

“I believe that Justin probably only ever interacted with him when he wanted to have his picture taken,” she continues, adding that it was wrong for Justin to have bought the illegally poached monkey, who was far too young to have been separated from his mother in the first place.

Jenny isn’t the only animal lover shocked by Justin’s uncaring attitude, either. A full year ago, the 20-year-old and his father foisted an American bulldog puppy named Karma on dog trainer Trevor Dvernichuk — and never retrieved her. “Karma will bite you in your ass, Biebers,” a disgusted Trevor posted on Facebook.

Indeed, from the start, Justin had seemed more interested in using cute Karma as a publicity tool rather than training or taking care of her. After holding an online contest, where fans were encouraged to come up with names for the dog, Justin promptly left the pet he bought in Canada as a “Christmas present to himself” with his father. Things went from bad to worse, with an enraged Jeremy throwing Karma out a second-story window and into a snowdrift after she nipped his younger son, Jaxon. The mistreated dog was then given to Trevor with orders to throughly train her.

Months later than the normal time it would take to train a puppy, the Biebers still have yet to collect the dog. And although Jeremy is reportedly claiming he does want her back amid public outcry over his actions, many believe that he and Justin aren’t responsible enough to raise her.

That’s not the end of Justin’s shameful behavior with pets, either. In December 2012, the fed-up performer opted out of caring for his Russian dwarf hamster, Pac, by shoving the creature, cage and all, at 18-year-old fan Tori McClure outside one of his concerts. While Tori promised to take good care of Pac, the hamster was so sick and neglected that he didn’t stand much of a chance. Despite Tori’s best efforts, he wound up dying just three months later. “Considering his track record, it’s amazing that anyone would allow Justin to adopt an animal,” an insider says. “He’s the worst.”


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