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Taylor Swift Reveals the Song She Wrote RIGHT After Harry Styles Breakup!

Taylor Swift is all style while leaving "Good Morning America"

Credit: Picture by: Santi / Splash News

Since Harry Styles is the only guy Taylor Swift dated since she put out her last album Red, it’s pretty clear that he’s most of the inspiration behind the singer’s new record 1989. But which song did the “Shake It Off” singer write just days after their blowout breakup?! She’s finally sharing!

Taylor and Harry called things off after a New Year’s vacation at the beginning of 2013, and on Jan. 10 of that year, the now 24-year-old was hard at work. “Back in the studio. Uh Oh…” she tweeted at the time.

Now that 1989 is finally here, fans on Tumblr revisited this tweet, questioning which song Taylor recorded during her return to the mic — and she responded that it did, in fact, make it on the new record. “AllYouHadToDoWasSTAYYYYYY,” she replied.

The subject of the song is fairly obvious from the title: All the guy in question had to do was be willing to stick around and things probably would’ve worked out. Full lyrics here.

The song also suggests, though, that Harry tried calling Taylor back up after they broke things off, but she wasn’t willing to give it another shot. “People like you always want back the love they pushed aside,” she sings. “People like me are gone forever when they say goodbye.”

Another hint from Taylor’s Tumblr this week? She wrote “How You Get The Girl” just five days after “All You Had to Do Was Stay.” That session was documented via an Instagram post from Jan. 15, 2013 of her playing guitar in the studio, with the caption, “Somewhere in L.A…”


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