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Kim Kardashian Hoards Blackberry Phones

Kim Kardashian West arrives at her 34th Birthday Celebration

Credit: Picture by: Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

Her iPhone is for selfies only! During an interview with Re/codeKim Kardashian revealed that she still has an attachment to her Blackberry…and she’s taken drastic measures to make sure she’s never without it.

“I love a Blackberry and every time I say that people are horrified that I have a Blackberry,” she explained. “And I don’t understand that reaction. A Blackberry is my heart and soul. I love it, I’ll never get rid of it. I do have an iPhone and I use that for photos, but if you have to handle an e-mail and you have to type fast, I need to feel that board.”

In fact, the Blackberry the reality star loves so much isn’t even sold in stores anymore, so she’s resorted to E-Bay. “I have, like, three lined up in my room, so as they break I have one,” she dished. “And then if one breaks, and I’m down to two, I search on E-Bay until I find that third. I have anxiety that I will run out! I’m afraid it will go extinct.”

Could Kim Kardashian be bringing Blackberry back?!


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