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'RHONJ' Star Amber Marchese: Cyberbully!

New 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' cast member Amber Marchese spotted in midtown Manhattan looking beautiful in blue

Credit: Picture by: Fortunata / Splash News

Amber Marchese has fast established herself as Real Housewives of New Jersey’s newest — and nastiest — instigator. Whether she’s picking fights with ex-BFF Melissa Gorga or sitting back as her husband, Jim, spreas rumors about twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, Amber is always stirring up trouble, and, Star has learned, it’s no act!

Long before she made her Bravo debut, Amber cyberbullied her husband’s ex to such an upsetting degree, the tormented mother of two was forced to contact the police. According to a police report filed by Jim’s ex-wife, Rebecca Grande, on Jan. 9, 2013 — and uncovered by Star — Rebecca’s business Twitter account was inundated by harassing, abusive tweets from @TruthBeTold66. Though the account was “anonymous” — and the tweets sounded more like the words of a spiteful adolescent than a 37-year-old wife and mother — it was later found to belong to Amber.

“Amber hates Jim’s ex-wife and was actually getting pleasure out of attacking and bullying her on Twitter,” and insider reveals. “It’s extremely immature and disgusting.”

The trouble began for Rebecca, a professional body-builder who’s been involved in a custody battle with Jim, in 2012, when the mysterious account left a hurtful comment on one of her pictures. She ignored it at first, figuring it was just a random troll, but more tweets followed, all derogatory and directed at her muscular physique. She temporarily blocked the account — only to later learn that more than 30 insulting tweets and messages had been sent to her from the same address.

It was more than she could take. With the help of the website What’s Their IP, Rebecca learned that the tweets were being sent from Jim and Amber’s residence. She went to the police, who launched a full-scale investigation. During the first questioning, Jim denied any knowledge of the account — but later called the police office back with the news that his wife had admitted to creating it and posting the messages.

Meanwhile, Amber tried to dodge the accusations, claiming that she didn’t realize the person she was harassing was Rebecca, and adding that her husband’s ex had harassed her, too, but none of it held water. “Amber can act all innocent,” the source adds, “but the truth is, she’s as spiteful as they come.”

Sadly, it’s Jim and Rebecca’s two sons who have felt the fallout the most. At the center of the exes’ custody battle, which has been raging since their 2004 divorce, Sebastian and Michael have grown up being fought over — and Amber only made things worse. “Bringing the children in the middle of their drama is not the way to handle the situation,” an insider explains.

Amber’s cyberbulling of their mother has no doubt deeply disturbed her stepsons. “She is certainly a far cry from the respectable wife and step-mother, or she wouldn’t have verbally attacked Rebecca — and Jim couldn’t have cared less about it!” the source adds. “How do you think that made those poor boys feel?”

For an interview with Rebecca Grande, click here.


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