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EXCLUSIVE: Dean McDermott Already Cheating Again!

Tori dean

Credit: Photo by: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

It’s been less than three months since Tori Spelling’s cheating husband, Dean McDermott, was released from rehab — and it looks like he’s already fallen off the wagon! The actor was recently caught flirting with yet another woman — this time someone who was applying to be a nanny for the couple’s four children.

“The agency sent over a great candidate who was well-qualified,” a source close to the pair tells Star. “She happened to have an amazing body, though, and that’s probably what triggered the slipup.”

The insider says that Dean made some inappropriate comments to the would-be nanny right in front of his wife. “Dean said something weird to the nanny about having to change clothes — into workout shorts and running shoes — to keep up with the kids,” the source explains. “That was enough for Tori to think that he had crossed the line. She immediately called him on it, like her therapist suggested, and she did it right in front of the woman!”

It got even more awkward when Dean flew into a rage and stormed off, cursing.

Tori may be hoping for a happy ending to the couple’s reality show True Tori, but it looks as though things are only bound to get worse.


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