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Seth Rogen Disses "Piece of S--t" Justin Bieber...Again!

No filter! Seth Rogen made headlines earlier this year, when he called Justin Bieber a “piece of s—” on Twitter after the singer’s DUI arrest. His opinion has stayed the same since the highly-retweeted message, and he had no qualms about explaining why during an interview with Howard Stern.

“I met him a few times,” the Neighbors star revealed. “He’s a good example of someone you meet who you think you’re going to hate…and then you get to hate him. You meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations of how you hope he will be.”

The actor explained that the first time he ever met the Biebs was backstage at a German talk show. “Someone came to the door and was like, ‘Justin Bieber wants to meet you,'” he said. “It was kind of the beginning of Bieber mania, or whatever. Bieber Fever had just started spreading. It was weird — I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, I’ll meet him,’ and then I went outside to meet him and he was acting like I asked to meet him!”

His feelings against the actor intensified about two years later at the MTV Video Music Awards. “He literally, like, had a snake wrapped around his f—ing wrist that he was wearing…like a live snake,” Seth ranted. “And I was like, ‘What the f—!’ And I talked to him for five minutes and I just remember thinking, ‘F— this kid!'”

During the interview, Seth praised his Neighbors costar, Zac Efron, and compared meeting him to his confrontations with Justin. “When I met Zac Efron, one of the most endearing things is that he recognized that as Disney star, I, as a man in my late 20s, early 30s would f—ing hate him, because why would I not,” he admitted. “Justin Bieber had zero f—ing percent of that.”


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