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Q&A: Ali Landry Talks Body Struggles & Insecurities

Ali Landry

It’s been 18 years since Ali Landry was crowned Miss USA, but three kids later, the 40-year-old has managed to keep an enviable figure.

Star caught up with the model-turned-actress at the 22nd Annual Movieguide Awards on Friday, and we got the scoop on her body struggles and insecurities. Check it out in her exclusive Q&A:

You look amazing! Have you ever struggled with your body in the past?

Oh, definitely. But not so much from other people…more from myself. After having each of my kids, I would get so overwhelmed about how I was going to lose all the weight, and I would have to remind myself to calm down and take a breather! It took some time and a lot of hard work after each pregnancy, but thankfully, the weight came off.

What is the craziest fad diet you’ve ever tried?

I wasn’t so much into diets as I was exercise. I used to exercise sometimes the entire day and do the treadmill for hours. I loved doing workout tapes and stuff like that, but then I realized working out is better in moderation. Just because you’re in the gym all day long doesn’t mean you’re getting a great workout.

Would you say you are secure or insecure about your body?

I think we, as women, all have those days where we feel insecure. Society puts a lot of pressure on women, especially when they expect celebrities to lose their baby weight after two weeks of giving birth! It took me a while each time, but I was okay with that. And now I love my body more than ever!

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