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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend's Desperate Affair!

Raffaele amanda

It’s been more than two years since Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend of nine days, Raffaele Sollecito’s, convictions in a murder trial were overturned. However, because Italy has no double jeopardy law, the nation’s highest criminal court ordered a retrial for Raffaele — and he’s willing to go to great lengths to avoid prosecution.

Star spoke exclusively with Kelsey Kay, a single mother who friend requested the 29-year-old on Facebook in July 2013. During their very first online conversation, he brought up marriage — his visa would expire in August, and if they wed, he’d be free from further prosecution. Six days later, Raffaele flew to Kelsey’s town in Idaho so they could get to know one another.

When they met, though, she found out he’d flown to Seattle just months earlier to try and get Amanda to marry him for the same reason. Eventually, Kelsey refused his plea, and after a few months in the Dominican Republic, he returned to Italy for the retrial. Kelsey continued to keep in touch with him, but when she found out he had another girlfriend, she ended things for good. Raffaele’s verdict is expected on Jan. 30.

Click through the gallery to read Kelsey and Raffaele’s conversations from when they began talking again in November: