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Justin Bieber Talks Media Bullying: "Of Course I Make Mistakes"

Justin Bieber


Over the last few months, Justin Bieber has been all over the world wrapping up his Believe tour. As things come to a close in Australia, the singer spoke with Ryan Seacrest about all the public scrutiny that’s surrounded him even during his time away.

“A lot of stuff’s been confused because I’ve been out of the public eye,” he explained. “You know, I’ve been on tour, so no one really knows what i’m doing out here.”

Recently, the Bieb’s has been filmed sleeping by a Brazilian girl, publicly blasted for vandalism in both Australia and South America, accused of disrespecting Argentina’s flag, and much more. All of these events have been blown up in the media.

“Of course I make mistakes growing up  –as everybody does,” Justin admitted. “And I’m not perfect, I’m not a robot. People forget I’m a human being, so i’ve got to make mistakes and grow from it and get stronger…and that’s what I want to do. I want to become a young mogul. I want people to respect me, for not only making music, but for making the right decisions. And sometimes you have to make some wrong ones first.”

With his documentary Believe, out Christmas day, the 19-year-old said he hopes people can see a different side of him.



“I think Never Say Never showed hope and I think Believe is how you get back up when you fall down, and really that story of what’s going on behind the scenes,” he said. “People don’t get to see me living as a 19-year-old boy. I’m becoming a man, but i’m still 19. I’m still finding myself. And when I have the media attacking me everyday…it’s no less bullying than what happens in school, with these people calling me names and saying things when they don’t know what’s true or not.”

This week, Justin wraps up his tour in Australia after playing more than 150 shows this year alone. He plans to then spend Christmastime with his family.


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