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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber Reveals Anti-Aging Secrets

Dr. Imber

Take note — renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber is sharing his must-follow skincare prevention tips! As a medical author, owner of a private clinic and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Imber has come up with a tried and tested strategy of prevention, maintenance and correction.

Dr. Imber’s book The Youth Corridor: Your Guide to Timeless Beauty is available now, but check out some of his advice right here!

1. Don’t smoke. The evidence is so clear that most plastic surgeons won’t even perform face-lifts on smokers — the blood supply to the skin is compromised that portions of the skin are actually at risk of dying.

2. Don’t gain and lose weight repeatedly. Weight loss of more than a few pounds should be at the rate of half a pound per week. It is quite acceptable to lose two or three pounds the first week, as that is primarily water. After that, moderation is crucial. The lesson, of course, is to avoid significant weight gain, lose slowly and, above all, find your optimal weight and maintain it.

3. Don’t get too thin. Normal subcutaneous fat does much to plump out wrinkles and help the skin look and feel healthy.

4. Don’t run! The skin rises and falls, and as the foot impacts, it continues to fall for another fraction of a second, then bounces up again. The elastic fibers in the skin absorb the repeated trauma until they eventually cease to fully bounce back and ultimately stretch a bit, causing laxity of the skin.

5. Facial exercises are a wrinkle workout. Don’t do them. They cause wrinkles.

6. Avoid the sun. Besides causing skin cancer, exposure to the sun is the primary accelerator of the breakdown of collagen and elastic fiber, causing loosening and wrinkling of the skin. If all this wasn’t enough, the sun also causes pigment changes, sunspots and various other unsightly eruptions.

7. Nutrition. The best tactic is to achieve one’s optimal weight and stay there. That needn’t be model slim or unrealistically small for who you are, but maintain a good and healthy level that your body can adjust to.

8. Learn about antioxidants and free radicals. 

9. Get the facts about hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is an important, and evolving, matter far beyond the scope of this book, and should be discussed with your doctor.

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