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Kanye West Has Friendly Run-In With Photographers in France

Kanye West

Credit: Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Take note, United States paparazzi! Kanye West has never been shy about expressing his disdain for photographers, but over the weekend in Paris, he had a much different reaction to the men trying to snap his picture.

Upon leaving his car and encountering a group of photographers, the rapper, somewhat politely, requested that no one ask any questions while they shot video and photos of him. After they obliged, he complimented the French paparazzi, telling the videographer, “I like how you guys, like, move out here. You’ve got, like, total respect for yourselves, for the people you’re photographing.”

He even went so far as to make contact with the photog, shaking his hand and admitting, “I understand that you have to make a living. So I appreciate [the respect].”

Before entering the building he arrived at, Kanye even introduced himself to a woman who didn’t know who he was. “I’m Kanye, how you doing?” he said, while giving the woman a handshake. There’s a first time for everything!


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