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Q&A: Melissa Fumero Talks Playing a Cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Melissa Fumero

In just a few short weeks, the new Fall TV shows will premiere — one of those being FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The comedy series stars Andy Samberg, a jokester NYPD detective who has to learn to change his attitude for his new, strict boss.

Melissa Fumero plays another detective on the show, and Star recently spoke with her about what it’s like to play a gal in blue on the funny new series!

Do you enjoy playing a cop?

I’ve always dreamed of playing one! I think it’s every actress’ hope to play strong, female characters.

What’s her relationship like with Jake (Andy)?

Jake and Amy are rivals who always want to beat each other — a little bit like a sibling rivalry, but they also make a good team. The last thing either one would admit is that they’re also good pals.

Do you consider Brooklyn Nine-Nine a cop show or a workplace comedy?

It’s the best of both worlds. Half the show will be us solving crimes; the other half will be life in the precinct. That’s very truthful. Real cops aren’t chasing down bad guys 24/7. Most of what they deal with is their coworkers.

How did you prepare for the role?

I researched how cops become detectives, and [costars] Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz and I went to a gun range and shot some real guns. But, really, everything was there for me in the script.

So you didn’t need help?

We have these great detectives who have been on set. I’m always telling them: “Dude, don’t let me look like a girly girl doing this!”