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Don't Worry...Amanda Bynes Now Loves Miley Cyrus

Amanda Bynes

Will there ever be a day when Amanda Bynes tweets something that doesn’t completely confuse the world? It’s certainly not today!

Amanda caused some major controversy on Wednesday when she tweeted at Miley Cyrus “Ur ugly.” When Miley was asked about the incident, she didn’t have much to say, except that “it’s so sad,” and that she was originally “rooting” for Amanda until the hate tweet.

Well, it looks like Amanda got wind of Miley’s comments, because her opinion of the former Disney star has done a complete 180. “@MileyCyrus thank you for rooting for me doll! You are one of the prettiest girls! I want my nose to look like yours after my surgeries!” she tweeted late Wednesday night.

Wait, what? I’m confused. So now Amanda thinks Miley is not only good looking…but ONE OF THE PRETTIEST GIRLS? Is she trying to completely ignore the fact that she said the exact opposite less than 24 hours earlier? The world may never know.

Although Miley has clearly landed on Amanda’s good side, Drake seems to still be taking the wrath of her Twitter rants. “I’ll post ugly pics of @Drake every time I see one! Not hard ; )” she wrote, following through by posting two photos of Drake with comments about how “ugly” he is.

Obviously Amanda has been getting a ton of criticism for how she’s been behaving on Twitter, but she defended herself once again last night, adding, “For those asking, I’m voicing my opinion. I’ve been asked if I do drugs, I don’t do drugs for the last time!” Okay. Thank you.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next…


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